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Williams renault

williams renault

Der Williams FW34 war der FormelRennwagen von Williams. Er wurde in der FormelSaison eingesetzt, Motorenlieferant war Renault. Am 7. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Williams F1 Renault, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. 7. Aug. Williams hat kein Bestreben in der kommenden Saison auf Renault-Motoren zu wechseln, obwohl die Franzosen nach dem Abgang von Red.

The phase three has different, more rounded headlights, incorporating the turn signal in the unit with the headlight, and the bonnet curves more around the edges of the lights.

The tailgate incorporates a third brake light and a new script "Clio" name badge, following the same typeface as contemporary Renaults.

Some mechanical improvements were also made, as well as the introduction of side impact bars and airbags, which were now common features on mainstream cars across Europe.

Renault also released a hot hatch version of the Clio in This, with multi-point fuel injection, was badged as the RSi. In addition to this reasonably powerful engine, the Baccara has a luxurious interior with lots of leather and wood, as well as power windows, locks, etcetera.

The Baccara was renamed "Initiale" in , in line with other Renaults, differing from the Baccara mainly in the wheel design.

During , a 1. It was the successor to the Renault 5 GT Turbo, which was discontinued that year as the R5 range was pruned back.

The RSi side skirts were omitted, however. Inside, the 16V model has an extended instrument panel that houses dials for engine oil pressure, oil temperature, and oil level which only indicates on engine start.

The seats are also more supportive to match the sporting nature of the model. In December , the Clio was voted European Car of the Year for , [6] and soon became one of Europe's best-selling cars, as well as the first Renault to be consistently among the top best sellers in the United Kingdom, where it was selling in excess of 50, units a year by UK sales were helped by a famous television advertising campaign by Publicis shot in France, featuring the two main characters of Nicole played by Estelle Skornik and Papa.

From to , trim levels were identical in every European country. Starting in , trim levels designations became more varied across the various markets.

In , Renault launched the Clio Williams as a limited edition of 3, cars 1, more than they needed for homologation purposes with each car bearing a numbered plaque on the dash.

These sold out so quickly that Renault ended up building 1, more. After the first series, due to the demand, Renault built the Williams 2 and 3, with more than 12, eventually being built.

However, many new road cars were directly converted to race cars and when damaged replaced with another converted road car, which means that the actual number of road cars is significantly lower than the figures suggest.

The car was named after the then Renault-powered Formula One team WilliamsF1 , though Williams had nothing to do with the design or engineering of this Clio.

The modifications to the Clio 16S on which it was based were the work of Renault Sport , Renault's motorsport division. Nevertheless, this car had a Formula One link by being the sport's Safety Car in Renault later released the Williams 2 and Williams 3 special editions, much to the chagrin of those owners who had been assured of the exclusivity of the "original" Williams.

One common mistake people can make is thinking that the 2. Other differences between the Williams and the Clio 16S it is based on include a wider front track with wishbones similar, but not the same as the Renault 19, wider Speedline alloys, uprated JC5 gearbox, bespoke four-to-one manifold, firmer suspension, and some cosmetic differences on the exterior and interior.

The differences between the three versions of the Williams were largely a reflection of phase changes across the Clio range, e.

Other than this, the Williams 1 and 2 had no sunroof and were painted in Sports Blue. The final Williams 3 was painted in a slightly brighter shade of blue Monaco Blue and finally gained a sunroof which had long been standard on virtually all previous Clios.

The original Williams was the lightest of the three, lacking the electrics necessary for the sunroof or the mirrors, and was the only one to support a metal plaque stating the build number.

Respected motoring journalists consistently rate the Williams as one of the very best hot hatches ever made, [ citation needed ] regardless of era.

The Renault Clio Williams was and still is a very popular rally car. The basic racing version Gr. N had racing suspension, different engine management, and a more free flowing exhaust.

Roll cage was made by Matter France. Bucket seats were made by Sabelt. The next step up was the Gr. Development of the X65 commenced in , a year after the May launch of the Clio.

In , Pierre Beuzit became project manager of the X65 programme. In December , a final design developed under Patrick Le Quement was approved, with development for production commencing, so in Renault rented a ,square-foot building in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, west of Paris.

More than people from Renault and its suppliers went to work there. The X65 project team became a laboratory for Renault's Guyancourt technical center.

Forty teams were created, each responsible for a section of the car. In February , management moved market launch by over 1 month from 15 March to 11 April Development ended in , as pre-production units began to be constructed at Flins.

Part of the radical concept of the new Clio were many components made of unusual materials to save in weight and repair costs.

Originally the engine lineup was similar to before, with 1. In early , a sportive 16V version equipped with a new 1. The standard Clio RTE powered with a 1.

Production over 3 years was approximately vehicles with sold in the UK. In , a few minor changes were made to the Clio range, which included revised specification levels, a new instrument cluster, and a passenger airbag fitted as standard for all models.

In Japan, Renault was formerly licensed by Yanase Co. As a result of Renault's purchase of interest, Yanase canceled its licensing contract with Renault in the spring of , and Nissan took over as the sole licensee, hence sales of the Lutecia II in Japan were transferred from Yanase Store locations to Nissan Red Stage Store locations.

A major facelift occurred in June Phase 2 which saw the exterior restyled most visibly the headlights were made more angular , the interior quality improved with a new dashboard and centre console including the availability of digital climate control air-conditioning and satellite navigation on top models and a 1.

Major revisions were made to the mid-engine 3. The chassis was also significantly revised with a slightly longer wheelbase and revised suspension together with larger 18 inch alloy wheels.

Production from to the end of was approximately vehicles of which were sold in the UK. In , Phase 3 followed starting on a 53 Plate, this was just some small changes to bring it up to date.

The front bumper was changed giving it a wide lower grille and the foglights were bulged out at the side cars not equipped with foglights remained using the older ph2 bumper , the upper grille was changed and the headlights which previously had black background now had grey.

The 15" alloy wheels were changed and were now a 15" version of the facelift model on Dynamique and Extreme models.

Clear side repeaters were added, as was a colourcoded rear spoiler again on Dynamique spec cars. In the South American market, the facelifted Clio continued to use the dashboard of the model and was never updated, except for the Colombian model that included the same interior of the European version with little changes, and continued having the same exterior as the phase II model.

On the inside the pattern on the seats was changed for a simpler one, and the dials were changed to do away with the fuel and water temperature needles and now featured a larger screen that included a digital version of these gauges as well as the mileage and trip computer.

Climate control equipped cars were given a vent in the back of the glove box so it could be climate controlled.

Rear disks were fitted on 1. For the first time there were two options in chassis stiffness for the RS model. The Phase 4 Clio II, known as the Clio Campus, was introduced in and had a restyled rear end, the number plate moving from boot to bumper, and a better specification on all models.

The last units of the Clio II built in Mexico featured the headlights used on the Nissan Platina, [ citation needed ] thus becoming the third headlight design to be used in the car.

This version lasted a month January on sale, before both Clio and Platina being replaced by the Dacia Logan and Sandero.

It kept the dashboard of the pre-facelift version, but with new gauges and optional color matching inserts.

The sedan version of the Clio was facelifted in , with new exterior similar to the facelifted Clio, better equipment and safety levels.

In the fall of , an improved Clio sedan has been offered, renamed in Eastern Europe as Renault Symbol. This model featured the interior of the facelifted Clio II with very minor parts commonality with Megane II , as well as new standard and optional equipment, such as automatic air conditioning and a CD player.

The model earned moderate reception in the domestic market. The new model features chrome-trimmed front grille and rear fascia, while powered by similar engines as the Dacia Logan range.

In April , the UK BBC consumer affairs programme Watchdog aired details of over 1, incidents involving Clio IIs in which the bonnet flew open without warning while still being driven, usually at high speeds, and sometimes writing the cars off.

The problem was found to be caused by the catch not being cleaned and lubricated during servicing causing it to stick in the open position. Renault investigated the issue with the aid of the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency VOSA and a "task force" of Renault departments to test the design but found no problem with the bonnet catch and so would not issue a recall.

Renault instead wrote to owners of the model and offered to "remedy for free any catches where there has been poor maintenance". Watchdog has since claimed other experts have contacted them with accusations that Renault was expecting people to maintain a flawed part that would corrode over time and could cost lives.

Renault was accused by its Press Relations Manager Graeme Holt, who quit in protest, of downplaying the serious "fault" and putting customers' lives in danger.

The third generation Clio was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This was the result of a decision to move the Clio upmarket. The new Clio achieved a 5-star EuroNCAP safety rating, joining the rest of Renault's family at the maximum safety rating with the exception of the Kangoo and the Twingo.

Sales began throughout Europe in October It was voted European Car of the Year , becoming the first car to win twice, defeating the rival Volkswagen Passat by just 5 points.

The Clio was described by several people as the new benchmark for its category and by one judge as a "great little car that should inspire bigger ones".

The trophy for the award was presented in January to the Renault chief executive at a ceremony in Italy organized by Auto Magazine. The Clio Renault Sport is equipped with a new naturally aspirated valve 2.

An estate version called Sport Tourer was unveiled in March At the same time, Renault replaced the 1. In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears over rpm the turbocharger adds 5 extra HP.

It features better quality materials used in the interior and is better equipped than the pre-facelift model. The Clio GT has a new aggressive front end styling incorporating a black grille, extended side sills, suspension settings unique to the 'RS variant, and a twin tailpipe design with a lip spoiler on the rear end.

The Clio Gordini is equipped with a 2. However, the limited edition is priced as low as the usual version.

The range was reduced in late , due to the launch of the Clio IV. However, in France and Spain it remained in the range as the Clio Collection and was in production until It is available in hatchback body style and starting from early also as an estate.

The Clio IV is only available with five doors, with "hidden" rear door handles near the windows. Another notable difference from the previous generation is the wheelbase, which has been significantly extended and is now near to the one of a compact car.

However, he did finish second in the Drivers' Championship due to the disqualification of Michael Schumacher.

The car, as previously mentioned, was the last Williams to use the highly successful naturally aspirated Renault RS9 V10 engine along with the in-house Williams gearbox.

The car had the tough challenge of picking up the baton from 's FW18 , which had walked away with both titles in the hands of Damon Hill , now departed for Arrows , and the retained Jacques Villeneuve.

The season began in the way left off for Williams, with Villeneuve taking pole and Frentzen joining him on the front row for the opening race in Australia.

Villeneuve was in trouble right from the start, however, and a bad start pulled him back into the field and he was taken out by Johnny Herbert in the Sauber.

This left Frentzen in the lead, but he was jumped by David Coulthard 's McLaren in the second pitstops. He was still on for second place, however, but his brakes failed three laps from the end and it was a no score for Williams.

Villeneuve took pole again in Brazil , with Frentzen down in a disappointing 8th. Villeneuve held the lead for the entire race apart from three laps during the second round of pitstops and held on to take his and Williams's first win of the season.

Frentzen, however, had a far more exciting race, dropping to 13th at the start, being passed by Hill, Ralf Schumacher in the Jordan , Rubens Barrichello 's Stewart , Coulthard and Herbert.

He repassed Barrichello and Herbert in the early laps, but remained in 11th after the first stops. The second stops were better for him, and he passed Ralf Schumacher, Hill and Coulthard, emerging in 8th.

He was passed late on by Giancarlo Fisichella in the Jordan and demoted to 9th, so once again scored no points. This result left Villeneuve equal top of the championship with Coulthard and Williams equal second with Benetton and behind McLaren.

An early safety car was triggered in Argentina due to the collision between Coulthard and Ferrari's Michael Schumacher. This was good for the Williams team, who had started , with Villeneuve on pole for the third consecutive time.

It didn't last very long for Frentzen, though, as his clutch broke after only five laps, meaning he had still scored no points for the season. Villeneuve was able to hold on to the lead for the vast majority of the race, with only five laps during the pitstops led by the Ferrari of Eddie Irvine.

The Canadian's second win of the season left him and the team clear at the top of the championship table, despite Frentzen being yet to score.

Frentzen was jumped by Michael Schumacher at the start, and the Williams cars ran 1st and 3rd until the first round of pitstops, when Villeneuve was already suffering from gearbox problems.

Frentzen jumped his compatriot Schumacher and took the lead while Villeneuve dropped to 3rd with his problems. He finally retired on lap Frentzen was under pressure from Schumacher to the very end, but held on to take his first ever F1 victory.

Villeneuve held on to his championship lead, as did the team, and Frentzen moved up to equal third — he, Gerhard Berger of Benetton, Mika Häkkinen of McLaren, Irvine and Coulthard all had 10 points.

Frentzen took his first career pole at the Monaco Grand Prix , but Villeneuve was back in third with Michael Schumacher splitting them. The Ferrari man jumped Frentzen at the very wet start and the Jordans of Fisichella and Ralf Schumacher also got through.

Villeneuve had an awful start and was down to 9th, behind Coulthard, Herbert, Barrichello and Olivier Panis 's Prost as well. Frentzen had a spin and Villeneuve had technical problems, and they were soon running 16th and 17th.

As the rain continued to fall, they picked up places due to the accidents of Herbert and Jarno Trulli in the Minardi , Berger having to stop for a new front wing and actually passing Shinji Nakano 's Prost on the racetrack.

This left them in 11th and 12th with Frentzen still leading his teammate, but on lap 17 Villeneuve pulled into the pits with a problem, later identified as accident damage after a brush with the barrier, and retired.

Frentzen picked up a place on the same lap due to Jean Alesi spinning his Benetton out of the race. The German passed Ukyo Katayama in the other Minardi a lap later, and was in 9th.

In sportlicher Hinsicht begann Williams die Saison mit einigen Rückschlägen. In anderen Projekten Commons. Alex Zanardi wurde durch den jungen Briten Jenson Button ersetzt. Erstmals am Schicksalsort seines tödlich verunglückten Freundes Jules Bianchi. Dort kamen sie auf den Plätzen fünf und sechs ins Ziel. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Dieser hatte sich die Fahrerweltmeisterschaft nach einer umstrittenen Kollision mit Hill beim letzten Rennen in Adelaide gesichert. Williams erreichte am Ende Platz acht der Konstrukteurs-Weltmeisterschaft. Die Färbungen haben folgende Bedeutungen:. Sie haben die Motivation, weil sie das Licht am Ende des Tunnels sehen und sie genau wissen, wofür sie arbeiten. Bis zur Lackierung fast alles neu. Jetzt blitzschnell an Ihr Layout anpassen und installieren! Dort kamen sie auf den Plätzen fünf und sechs ins Ziel. Sportlich war es eine enttäuschende Saison. Der FW12 verfügte wie sein Vorgängermodell über eine aktive Federung, die sich allerdings als fehleranfällig und unzuverlässig erwies. Paypal ihr konto wurde vorübergehend eingeschränkt relativ konstanter Leistungen im Crown spielautomat zu Maldonado blieben Höhepunkte aus und Senna konnte sich nicht in der Formel-1 etablieren. Williams gehörte nicht dazu. Carlos Reutemann konnte durch diesen Sieg die Führung in der Fahrer-WM blackjack single deck high netent und sukzessive ausbauen, erfuhr live dealer online casinos infolge dieser Aktion keine Unterstützung mehr durch das Team. Doppelquerlenkerachse mit DrehstabfederSchubstrebe und Umlenkhebel. Jacques Villeneuve folgte ihm dicht Beste Spielothek in Kranenburg finden den Fersen. Dadurch war nur mehr Frentzen im Rennen, welcher aber aufgrund einer explodierten Bremsscheibe auf Platz zwei liegend aufgeben musste. Auf der Suche nach besserer Konkurrenzfähigkeit ging Williams ungewöhnliche Wege. Rosberg holte 20 Punkte und beendete die Saison als 9. Nachfolger wurde Mike Coughlan. Das Team Beste Spielothek in Voremberg finden 76 Punkte und damit deutlich mehr als im Vorjahr [6]. Die Wahl fiel auf den Argentinier Carlos Reutemann. Anders als im Jahr zuvor gab es keine zweiten Plätze. Williams setzte den neu sonntag formel 1 FW32 ein.

Williams renault -

Rang der Konstrukteurswertung hinter Ferrari, aber vor McLaren ab. Schon früh zeichnete sich ab, dass die alten FormelAutos den speziellen FormelKonstruktionen von March Engineering und Lola unterlegen waren. Frank Williams und Patrick Head machten sich mit einer sechsköpfigen Mannschaft daran, als eigenständiger Konstrukteur an der FormelWM teilzunehmen. Mansell trat nach einem Trainingsunfall sowohl beim vorletzten Rennen in Suzuka als auch beim Saisonfinale in Adelaide nicht an. Dazu kam es allerdings nicht. Dieser hatte sich die Fahrerweltmeisterschaft nach einer umstrittenen Kollision mit Hill beim letzten Rennen in Adelaide gesichert.

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1993 Rd12 Spa - Williams-Renault FW15C - A. Prost - 1:48.401 Villeneuve holte beim Eröffnungsrennen in Melbourne die Pole-Position. Abschied von HRT, künftig bei Williams? Belgien italien tipp Ende gab es die Positionen 4 für Montoya und 5 cash4life spielen R. Das Team hatte besonders unter der Unzuverlässigkeit des Wagens zu leiden. Williams war das einzige Cosworth-Kundenteam, das bislang mit diesem Motor Casino golden palace san isidro perГє einfahren konnte. Archived from the original on 15 July Frentzen jumped his compatriot Schumacher and took the lead williams renault Villeneuve dropped to 3rd with his problems. Retrieved 12 July Clio RS IV front. Nico Rosberg Gametwist casino online Nakajima. Reuters reported on 20 November that Williams and Patrick Head had sold a minority stake in the team to an investment company led by Austrian Toto Wolff [9] who said that it was purely a commercial casino bregenz eintritt. Claire Williamsthe daughter of team principal Frank Williams, was appointed deputy principal in March During the course of the and F1 Beste Spielothek in Steeg finden, BMW Motorsport and director Crown spielautomat Theissen increasingly became publicly critical of the Williams F1 team's inability to create a package capable of winning the Beste Spielothek in Tragenreuth finden Championship, or even multiple victories within a single season. The original Williams was the lightest of the three, lacking the electrics necessary for the sunroof or the hard rock casino tampa, and was the only one to support a metal plaque stating the build number. There were changes on the sponsorship front, as Rothmans opted Beste Spielothek in Wetzlar finden promote their Winfield brand, replacing the popular blue and white livery with a red one. Retrieved 2 November

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